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Directo + TVC = perfect synergy

All warehouse management through Directo business software


Stock-related data is always entered only once, at the place and time where the event occurs.


All the documents needed for the flow of goods are generated automatically and always end up in the right place.

You can customise all the links between warehouses, documents and more to suit your business needs.


Convenient and secure

The integration between TVC Warehouse and Directo business software automates the management of all your company's logistics and warehouse documents. All Directo business software users can manage all their warehouse processes (receiving, picking, inventory, production, etc.) from a single location, saving time and minimising the likelihood of errors.


  • If you are already a Directo business software user and want an efficient and paperless warehouse to manage your goods, request a quote on this page.

  • If you are looking for a business software solution for your company that works in conjunction with an efficient and paperless warehouse, contact Directo.

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