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All warehouse services from one place
TVC OÜ is a storage solutions provider in Estonia


The main advantage of using a TVC warehouse hotel is the universality of the service provided by TVC. Based on years of experience, we have developed procedures and working methods that enable us to serve private and corporate clients. In serving commercial clients, we can provide a transparent storage solution for occasional storage needs - such as marketing collateral, furniture, archives, unused basic equipment, etc. - in addition to common goods flows.

Values that are important to us in providing our services:

1. Cost-effectiveness

With our storage solution, you only have to pay for the storage time and volume. No classic fixed and additional costs, which are always present in your own warehouse or storage unit, no matter how much you store there. Annual averaging of variable costs is always cheaper than fixed costs!

2. Transparency


The items stored in our warehouse are always visible to you in real-time on our website. This is an elementary capability for common goods flows. For occasional storage needs (such as office furniture, marketing paraphernalia, or other items that need to be stored at home or in the office), having an overview of the things you have stored in our warehouse is particularly efficient. We all know how much stuff accumulates in the basement or storage room we use that we don't have a clear overview of.

3. Universality


The ability to successfully utilize the same warehouse space and tools across different customer groups has created synergies in our service delivery that benefit everyone - us and our customers. Our efficient self-service environment ensures an efficient and cost-effective exchange of information between us and our customers, which sets the stage for a high level of service at a very reasonable price.

4. Flexibility


Serving both private and commercial customers and providing solutions for both regular and occasional storage needs, we have proven ourselves as a flexible service provider. We want to be there for our customers with our warehousing and storage capacity at the time and in the volume they need most.

TVC's founding, development, and the present day:


TVC OÜ was founded in 2003. The first service we provided was after-sales logistics for companies. We were the first of our kind. Our task was to optimize the transport of equipment needing servicing between the shops and the service stations. The principal added value was the optimization of transport, which enabled us to reduce our customers' transport volumes and thus achieve significant cost savings for them.

The service provided (optimization of the transport capacity of after-sales services) was unfortunately very specific; therefore, the initial customer base was relatively limited. The modest volumes did not allow the company to expand geographically. We decided to expand the services offered to increase the company's turnover further. It was very logical to concentrate on providing central warehousing services - adding pre-sales volumes to after-sales service transport volumes created an additional cost-saving momentum and was a significant competitive advantage for us.

Even though this competitive advantage existed only within the same limited customer base, we managed to enter the market with our Central Warehouse service. Since then, we have developed and implemented several innovative solutions for the service and have thus won the trust and support of our customers.

Providing the Central Warehouse service has been a serious challenge. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of experience, often at significant cost. But there is no good without bad. In the winds of centralised warehousing, we have turned individual service phases into stand-alone services, increasing our flexibility and suitability for different customers.

For example, it is essential to organise efficient and transparent loading and unloading of goods in the Central Warehouse service. We discovered that this phase is ideally suited as a stand-alone service for companies involved in freight forwarding or just transport. This is how our Terminal Service was born.

Since the customers of the central warehouse service need more and the service itself has to be much more transparent, the standards of the central warehouse service are much higher, and therefore the Terminal Service developed based on this service is of much higher quality (especially in terms of transparency) than competing solutions.

In addition, our Central Warehouse service has sprouted into fulfilment services, the Storage service, and the Project-based Warehouse service. We are particularly grateful for the emergence of the Storage service, as this service creates positive synergies across the same resources used by our different customers and thus creates competitive advantages.

The Storage service evolved out of the need to store "non-mainstream" goods as part of the Central Warehouse service. For example, marketing paraphernalia that businesses accumulate or office furniture that is currently unused. Usually, such items sit in the companies' warehouses or offices, and there is no good overview. In the case of the Central Warehouse service, goods are defined as articles, but this is not reasonable for individual non-standard goods.

We have solved this challenge, so we no longer have any restrictions on the customers we serve. Today, we are confident that we can offer warehousing services to anyone on very flexible terms.

Today, we are the best storage solution for your belongings or goods, whether you are a private or commercial customer.

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