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Back office for e-shops

We handle your e-shop orders,

be it 1 or 1000

Our vast experience in servicing various e-commerce stores means efficient processes and competitive prices.

You don't have to worry about storage, order packing, labelling, or managing the workforce.

Our comprehensive and ever-growing range of delivery methods allows e-shops to offer their products to the entire world.

You only pay for the actual use. No need to own and manage resources.

An integrated e-shop or business software makes managing inventory and fulfilling orders easy.


Partnership with TVC boosts e-store sales

Even if you have only 1 order per month, you can trust your e-store back office to TVC FULFILLMENT CENTER

Our aim is to give you competitive advantages to help you increase your e-commerce sales.

TVC e-store logistics service is designed to give e-commerce businesses the confidence that your products will reach your customers and partners efficiently and cost-effectively. Our existing customer base, including various e-shops, and the methods we have honed over the years at every stage of the goods movement process allow us to do our job faster and more efficiently, reflected in our low prices. In addition, we have in-house developers whose wisdom and know-how have been gained from solving real customer problems in warehousing services.

Our distribution centre at the intersection of major trade routes and close to the city centre, the port, and the airport will take care of warehousing, order picking and packing, delivery, and labor management for you, so you can focus on sales or anything else that is important for you.

Experience shows that working with TVC boosts e-store sales.

Marco Jürlau - CEO, 506 0037

Kaspar Palm - Head of Development,, +372 564 2343


We are your additional competitive advantage


Pre-info about incoming goods allows warehouse operators to be ready for arrivals. This means fast and efficient processing for suppliers.


We sort and store your goods most cost-effectively. The storage cost is calculated from when the goods arrive to when they are dispatched, with an accuracy of one minute.


We can label, campaign package, create kits or personalize in other ways. We consider your business's unique needs to provide the best possible experience for your customers.


Orders from your e-shop are automatically delivered to our distribution centre. We will ship them as quickly as they arrive, using the delivery method of your choice. An integrated e-shop or business software makes stock management easy.


We pick, pack, and package goods based on distribution orders received. You can choose the filling and packaging materials that meet your company's needs.


We hand over the completed orders to the carrier of your choice or that of the end customer, who delivers them directly to the customer, parcel lockers, or pickup points. The delivery solution used, Logistrik, allows you to include all carriers in your e-shop delivery options with a single integration.


Returns are an inevitable part of e-commerce. We handle them for you. That's how you keep your customers happy and your stock levels at a maximum.

Calculate the price for your e-shop. Click here for the English version.

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