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Project-based warehouse

Solution for irregular storage needs or unique goods

Broadly speaking, companies using this solution fall into two categories:

  • Those who have a similar and the same range of goods on an ongoing basis, but the volume of goods fluctuates sessionally or depends on the company's ability to realise projects

  • Others, for whom each successive incoming consignment is so different from the previous one that it rules out the possibility of solving the handling of the goods with permanent routine procedures.

Both groups of customers share the same need. Inbound goods need to be received and distributed, stored and dispatched by project or destination.


For this service, our biggest advantage is the transparent process and the cost-effectiveness of the service provided.

Our customer can define the prior information of the incoming shipment in our self-service environment. Often the customer does not know exactly on how many pallets or by how many shipments the goods will arrive. The pre-information is entered on the basis of the order placed with the supplier, and we are informed of the estimated time of arrival and the content and breakdown of the content by project or destination.

When the goods arrive, our information system will notify you automatically and immediately!

According to the conditions defined in the Annexes to the Contract, TVC staff will handle the goods and carry out their distribution.

In cases where you have entered dispatch orders on the basis of prior information and, after the goods have been handled by TVC staff, you make sure that everything you need has arrived, it is extremely convenient for you to inform your customer of the availability of the goods.

When dispatching goods, you can choose between several different options:

  • you come and take it with you

  • you send your own courier to pick up the goods

  • you choose a public courier to deliver your goods

  • your end customer comes to collect the goods

In the latter case, you will be able to assign a "claim amount" to the dispatch order, which we will "collect" when the goods are delivered and which will be reflected in your account in our self-service environment as soon as the goods are dispatched.

In the self-service environment, you can monitor in real time the service and storage prices applied to your goods. For a project-based business, this is a major competitive advantage, as you can coordinate costs with your customers and avoid losses due to "uncertainties" in the logistical chain.

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