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Cross-loading of cargo for carriers

Payloads in constant motion

We are located at the crossroads of major trade routes, close to the airport, port and city centre.

The availability of storage space allows storing all or part of the goods in the warehouse. Volume and per-minute pricing.

We have everything you need to efficiently tranship goods - lifting equipment, forklifts, cargo lifts and the necessary workforce.


We can tranship your containers

Our biggest advantage with this service is the transparency provided by our self-service environment. It allows the logistics staff of the transport company to enter the prior information of the incoming goods and to determine which services TVC will perform for one or another unit to be unloaded: 

  •   weighing

  •   measuring

  •   scanning of documents

  •   printing and attaching transport documentation to the unit

  •   photographing the unit


Based on the pre-input information, logisticians can define dispatch orders before they are physically present. When goods arrive under a delivery order, our information system automatically informs the logistics operator or the driver directly. And then, the driver sets off towards the terminal, avoiding empty runs.

Efficient information exchange and the availability of up-front information create a new efficiency level! For both the customer using the terminal service and TVC. The affordable price of our terminal service results from an efficiently organised process.

Customers of the terminal service see the unloading and loading of goods and the information recorded during the process in real-time. The price of the services provided and the storage of the goods are also visible in real-time. This is a competitive advantage for transport companies in serving their customers, as it allows them to calculate the price of their service before the goods arrive at their destination.


The use of the TVC's Terminal Service is not dependent on your trading volumes. We are there for you "as seldom" or "as often" as you need.


You no longer have to give up on a shipment because your company truck is tied up, and you don't have your own terminal to stash shipments.

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