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May the peace of mind set you free

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Calculate the cost of storing your motorcycle

For us, riding a motorbike is foremost about FREEDOM

The freedom to go wherever and whenever we want.
That's why our motomotel charges by the day.

The freedom to choose with whom we want to share these unique moments. Sometimes we do it alone, wipe the early morning dew off the bike and set off.

Sometimes we take only our most beloved to warm our backs in the back seat, and sometimes we prefer social rides with a bigger group.

At TVC Motohotel, everything is in place for our friends to get a well-deserved winter's nap and for the owners to sleep soundly.
  • Constantly warm temperature to keep your bike healthy

  • Around-the-clock camera surveillance to keep your sleep peaceful

Find out more about TVC Motohotel's terms and prices:
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