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Our joint responsibility

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Estonians have the ninth most significant ecological footprint globally, only slightly less wasteful than significant economies such as the US, Canada, Australia, or Denmark. This a thought-provoking fact in itself, but one that does us no credit as a country striving for efficiency through IT development. We owe our high ranking in this ranking primarily to the use of oil shale for energy production, which releases large quantities of carbon dioxide into the air. At the same time, we cannot underestimate the environmental damage caused by inefficient handling and transport.


Because talking the talk and doing nothing won't get you results, we have defined a set of principles for our day-to-day business activities, also known as TVC's 10 Commandments of Environmental Stewardship, for existing and prospective customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders:

  • We provide a full logistical service; each stage is carried out in strict compliance with environmental legislation, social and ethical standards, and good practice

  • Each of our employees plays a responsible role in implementing TVC's environmental policy - we are constantly working to raise the environmental awareness of our employees

  • We only use means of transport that comply with stringent emission standards and legal requirements

  • We reduce the fuel wasted in transport by consolidating pre-, and post-sales flows and simultaneously carrying out distribution and pick-up

  • We also expect our contractors and subcontractors to be environmentally sustainable

  • We use an efficient IT solution for automated communication between the warehouse and the customer's business software, avoiding the environmental impact of additional activities based on the principle that data, not people, move

  • We motivate our customers and partners to use the modern and sustainable IT solutions we have developed to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by duplication of activities.

  • We are saving resources - by automating many warehouse procedures; we save paper and, thanks to efficient transport organisation, we minimise fuel consumption

  • We reuse the packaging of the goods and sort the waste generated

  • By acting in an eco-efficient way, we help to reduce our ecological footprint

TVC takes responsibility

Every small change is a significant change in the long run.


We have replaced the plastic packaging tape with more environmentally friendly paper tape. It's durable, safe, and a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tape. The paper is fully recyclable, and even the glue is usually made from corn starch, which does not harm the planet.


TVC takes responsibility and practical steps towards greener solutions:


We replaced the plastic document envelopes with a paper analog. All three layers of the envelope are made from sustainable paper and have environmental information printed on the envelope so that it is instantly recognizable as a product to be recycled and not thrown in a general bin.


At TVC, we produce environmentally sustainable and reusable filling material on-site. We have a device for producing corrugated paper material, a sustainable substitute for plastic or film fillers. We also use a machine that can produce strips of refill from cardboard boxes that have already been used. Both solutions are significantly more environmentally friendly than classic film or plastic.


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